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Keeping in mind that the past two decades have been sorrowful and shattering for Kashmiri Community and that the unfortunate displacement has largely affected our culture,we come to look for what motivates us to discover what actually inspires us, and to connect our personal passions to a larger communal interest.We come to invent new ideas,new ways of working ,and new ways of thinking.
We know that great tasks and challenges lie before our culture and community,many of which are large and complex.But we also know that if we stick together in the face of adversity we will meet them,and together we will resovle them.Yes,this will require all of our collective skills ,talents, time and efforts.To preserve culture is to invest in the future that will be ours and subsequently,our grandchildren's and their children's.It's the very least we owe to them.
As it was once famously said,"Once social change begins,it cannot be reversed.You cannot un educate the person who has learned to read.You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride.You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore.We have seen the future,and the future is ours."
Broadcasting 16 hours of programming content daily, Radio sharda under the wings of Pir Panchal has received a whopping response from the community.
Being the first group from J&K to recieve Community Radio License, Radio Sharda claims its listenership to be more than 7 lac people in Jammu and since its inception as online medium its listenership has increased to more than 15 lac people world wide.
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